Inspiration: Collection no 3000 'KAPAS'

Iram Ahmed

Back in India, one of the many friends of TAIC is Maurya - a courageous journalist who has covered news stories around the world for nearly two decades. 


Maurya has witnessed umpteen crises, finding himself in war zones, conflict areas and other such dire situations. To regain some of his sanity, he heads to the mountains in India as frequently as life allows.


So much so that his customized camping SUV (fondly named, "Wanderer") is well recognized among the burgeoning camping community. 


Whenever Maurya returns home, whether from an assignment or from a camping trip, he tries to bring back a souvenir.

Over time, his home has become an eclectic collection of crafts from all over the world, each telling a story of one of his adventures.

maurya-camping-india-craftpatronA wall is covered with handmade masks from all over Africa. Yet another one displays still life in water colour and multimedia. Every inch of seating surface covered with handloomed, block printed textiles. A handwoven camel wool and leather rug peaks from one of the rooms. Yet another handsome hand carved wooden bracket holds itself strong under a shelf. 

The All India Company admires his patronage of crafts all around the world. The entire KAPAS collection in 100% pure cotton is inspired by his love for preserving nature and enjoying the great wide outdoors. The Maurya Kapas Stole is named for his favourite chequered scarf wrapped around his neck as he goes about doing his thing. May we all retain our spirit of adventure and love for nature like him! 




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