Trace back: Series no 1001 The Pastoralist Throw Blankets and Stoles

Iram Ahmed Collection no 100 GI no 174 Kachchh Shawls natural wool sn1001 throw blankets trace back

Series no. 1001 | THE PASTORALIST | Kachchh ShawlThe All India Co Series No 1001


GI: Kachchh (kuh-ch) Shawls
GI no: 174
Type: Handicraft
State: Gujarat
Country: India

Made with hand-spun yarn
Extra-weft weaving

Handwoven on a loom
Embellished with traditional motifs inspired by the lifestyle of local pastoralists 
17 hours weaving time
4 hour finishing time
3-4 artisan process (from spinning to finishing)

100% pure wool
Wool sourced from mature sheep and goats (not lambs and kids) in Gujarat and Rajasthan in India


Very durable, light weight, rugged texture, earthy colours, softens with use

Wash in cold water with mild (e.g. herbal) shampoo, dry flat. Rinse in diluted white vinegar (any brand) for brightness and softness.

Hand spun yarn


Traditionally, woven for the local pastoralists or shepherds - longstanding patrons of Gujarat's weaving community - Kachchh shawls are woven with wool obtained from the pastoralists' goats and sheep or with locally grown cotton (kala or black cotton). The interdependence between the weavers, pastoralists and farmers made their respective trades, not just financially, but also socially and environmentally sustainable. 


The wool or cotton fibre was once spun into yarn by hand on a spinning wheel. This socially empowering craft, now replaced with faster and cheaper textile mills, is sadly dying a slow death and unavailable commercially.

Hand-spun yarn, often dyed with locally available vegetable/plant dye, was then meticulously woven on a handloom into textiles used as head wrap/turban, shoulder cloth, and other pieces of clothing. The handcrafted fabric featured meaningful motifs, inspired by the lives of the farmers or the pastoralists. These motifs are now an integral part of the design language and heritage of Bhuj weavers.

The finished product exhibits a unique three dimensional texture, wears beautifully with use and is more durable than its flatter-looking machine-spun counterpart. From the famous khadi to the The Pastoralist Kachchh Shawls commissioned for this project, hand-spun is for patrons who like their favourites to last.

Series no.1001 includes six especially commissioned shawls from one such family of highly-skilled Bhuj weavers who still weave authentic Kachchh Shawls with hand-spun yarn. The hand-spun yarn for this capsule collection was bought at fair price from homemakers in Rajasthan by the head weaver, Vankar Premji. These rugged multipurpose pieces of textile are durable enough to weather the sub-zero temperatures of both Indian deserts and Canadian snow belts. 
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GI is a protection given under TRIPS to products that are unique because of the geography of their origin, such as champagne from Champagne, France and Darjeeling tea from Darjeeling, India. Kachchh Shawls are a proud recipient of GI.

Lear more about what is geographical indication.

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