Trace back: Series No 1003 Handloom Mirror Throw Blankets

Iram Ahmed black and white design Collection no 100 GI no 174 Kachchh Shawls natural wool sn1003 trace back

SN1003_Mirror_Handwoven_Pure_Wool_StoleGEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION* (GI) DETAILS:

GI: Kachchh(kuh-ch) Shawls 
GI application no: 174
Type: Handicraft 
State: Gujarat 
Country: India

*Read below about what is GI


Extra-weft weaving
Handwoven on a loom
Heritage motifs inspired by the lifestyle of local pastoralists 
Features mirror work
14 hours weaving time 
2-3 hour finishing time
1-2 artisan process (from spinning to finishing)

100% pure wool
Wool sourced from matured sheep and goats (not lambs and kids) in Gujarat and Rajasthan, India


Light weight, soft, warm, intricately woven motifs and mirrors, handloom pure wool soften with use

Wash in cold water with mild (e.g. herbal) shampoo, dry flat


SN1003 Handwoven Stole Pure Wool White

Series No 1003 is unique in being envisioned, designed and finished by master artisans Vankar brothers and their family, who present their contemporary take on the popular ornate mirror work of Bhuj

Achieving such intricate motifs, which are a part of Kachchh weavers' heritage, with this type of wool is an achievement in itself. Topping that is their ability to use yarn of one shade and create a highly refined piece of textile. Choosing white over the more popular vibrant hues of Kachchh, also makes this particular artisan family - Vankar brothers - stand apart from the rest. 

With this deviation, Vankar brothers explore new possibilities and open themselves up to newer markets. Never mind a business degree, these guys know what they are doing.

Often we end up losing several forms of awe-inspiring craftsmanship over time as they lose relevance in our everyday lives, reducing to them works of arts. The problem there is that works of arts never sustained an artist, at least not in their lifetime. That is my opinion anyway.

So the only way to carry on this durable, environmentally-friendly, community building tradition of craftsmanship, it is best that the hand crafted product evolves, without losing integrity, to integrate into the everyday lives of people's lives. This will open up chances to penetrate new markets.


The particular craft of achieving such intricate patterns using pure sheep and goat wool on a handloom is found only in Kachchh and was practiced in the creation of series no 1002 Kachchh Shawls.

Not a surprise then that Kachchh Shawls are listed as a proud recipient of GI (application no 174). Learn more about what is geographical indication.

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