Trace back: Series no 2002 Power Pashminas

Iram Ahmed Cashmere GI no 46 Kashmir Pashmina sn2002 trace back


GI: Kashmir Pashmina 
GI application no: 46
Type: Powerloom diamond weave
State: Kashmir 
Country: India

*Read below about what is GI


2-3 artisan process (combing off the wool, cleaning and spinning)

100% pure Pashmina**
Wool sourced from Pashmina goats found in Kashmir and Ladakh, India

**this raw material is unique to Himalayan regions, including Kashmir, and protected under GI


Luxurious, highly insulating, extremely lightweight (an 82"x28" pure pashmina stole weighs only 150gm), decadently soft and delicate

If you must, wash your Pashmina delicately.

  1. Mix a mild shampoo in cold water in a bucket.
  2. Soak Pashmina it it and swish it around a few times. Do not rub, wring or twist. 
  3. Throw out the soapy water and press Pashmina between your palms to get rid of soapy water. Fill bucket with clean water and soak Pashmina in it. 
  4. Repeat step 3 until there is no more lather in the bucket.
  5. Dry flat.
  6. Must you iron it, cover it with a cotton bedsheet and iron on low heat.

These powerloom stoles are made of 100% pure pashmina fibre combed by hand by Kashmiri artisans. Their texture and feel is different from their handwoven counterparts, also available on TAIC, but are larger than the handwoven stoles available with us. Since they are woven on a powerloom they are more affordable. Their sales help us build artisan communities that create reliable employment in rural areas for farmers and continue inherently sustainable crafts.


Kashmir is the northern most province of India and, along with Ladakh region, home to a special breed of goats, Pashmina. The long soft coat of these wide-horned woollies keeps them warm in the harsh Himalayan region where temperatures can drop down to -40 degree Celsius.

Each spring, each of the goats provide up to 8 ounces of Pashmina wool - a highly insulating natural fiber, that is decadently soft and lightweight. You might even know it by another name - Cashmere (try "Kashmir"). Each of the TAIC handloom Pashmina stole uses the luxurious wool of up to two Pashmina goats.

It is not a surprise then, that among the registered GIs of India, Kashmir Pashmina is a proud recipient (application no 46).

GI is a protection given as part of TRIPS by Government of India to authenticate products that are uniquely found in a specific geography. In other words, a raw material, product or skill that is found only in one specific part of the world and is unique because of the local conditions - weather, history, etc. Such as champagne is from Champagne, France, Darjeeling tea is from Darjeeling, India, Scotch is from Scotland... and Pashmina from Kashmir, India. 

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