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Series No. 7000 The Land Healer


The Land Healer series is an enabler of circular economy.

This unique textile is expertly handwoven by weavers in Bangalore, India, using thread spun from recycled fibers, therefore, not requiring any new raw materials. 


The dutch innovator Sympany mechanically shreds textile waste collected from the garment industry resulting in fibers ready to be recycled back into the supply chain. It is then expertly spun into yarn, then into thread, which is finally setup on handlooms to manually weave yardage of fabric. The handlooms on which the Land Healer is woven requires no electricity and is therefore non-polluting.


Environmental impact per 50m of handwoven recycled cotton: 

  • 15 kg virgin cotton fabric prevented from heading to landfill
  • 63,000 liters of water saved
  • 45 kg of CO2 prevented
  • 0 polluting/harmful chemicals used

Social impact:

  • 9 days of fair paid work for highly skilled spinners, dyers, handloom weavers of south India
  • These craftswomen and men are trained in and deeply knowledgeable about traditional textile weaving methods rooted in the history of Indian subcontinent - the Land Healer is a tangible proof of that and proud to be borne out of an ancient cultural tradition

This product does not have a geographical indication yet. (It should!) You can learn more about GI here: What is Geographical Indication?


  • Series No 7000 is expertly handwoven using recycled fiber by a cluster of highly skilled craftswomen and men at Khaloom, India - a unique weavers' unit set up in India


  • Handwoven on a handloom
  • Contemporary colours and patterns in an earthy palette
  • 6-10 hours spinning, weaving, finishing time (approx.) per towel
  • 2-3 days of cutting, pattern making and sewing
  • 5-10 artisan process (recycling, designing, spinning, warping, weaving and finishing)


  • 100% recycled cotton in Land Healer napkins, Land Healer tea towels, and Land Healer beach towels
  • Blend of 100% recycled polyester and cotton in Land Healer aprons


  • Reversible
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Highly breathable
  • Softens with use


  • Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent, hang to dry
  • Do not use hot water or dryer


The Land Healer series consists of beach towels, dish towels, lucnh napkins, and aprons made of textile handwoven with recycled cotton fiber. These recycled handloom cotton kitchen textiles are as sharp as they look - they absorb right away, dry quickly, are lightweight, machine-washable, and fold small.
  • Small-space friendly
    • Folds small: easy to store
    • Lightweight: a steamy bathroom, back of a chair, top of a door, clothes line, drying rack - no matter where you throw it to dry, it dries easily
  • Travel-friendly
    • Folds small: a 33"x61" Land Healer recycled towel folds into the size of a small pencil case
    • Stylish and durable: wear it to the local market as a stole, bring it back as a sling full of local finds 
    • Generously sized: use it as a beach towel, table cover or a sarong
    • Frizz-free hair drying: Can be used to absorb excess water from hair without giving it frizz
  • Environmentally-friendly
    • Recycled: handmade entirely with recycled virgin cotton that was headed to landfill
    • Electricity-free: Neither made using electricity nor need it to dry. Thanks to their lightweight. they dry quickly, especially if they are spread out to dry.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
    • An earthy palette, contemporary patterns and chic chambrays make these recycled handwoven towels a great addition to most decors



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