Handcrafted and Geographically Unique


The stamp of handwoven is the imperfect selvedge. Our handmade throws are woven and finished by the latest generation of a long lineage of cloth weavers in Kachchh. The weaving takes place on a handloom. A 90" x 40" piece of textile takes up to 17 hours to weave and another 2 to 4 hours to finish, depending on the intricacy of design. The meticulous warping process to prepare the handloom takes few days. Bear this in mind when placing your order. We do send you fun updates along the way to let you know what stage your product has reached. We are usually able to deliver within a month.

Slow and worth it

The entire process is carried out by hand and depends on local availability of resources, which means each production is done in small batches and takes 2 to 3 months. Hand spinning yarn, which is a slow process but yields a great texture and warmer textiles, is a dying craft. An added layer of complexity is the difficulty in finding artisans who still practice this craft. Every winter we bring out our unique handspun line of throws, The Pastoralist, showcasing the satisfying texture of this textile.

And when these products are dyed with naturally produced indigo, the saturation depends on the intensity of sunlight. The stronger the sun the deeper the colour. Another reason why your indigo dyed textiles are something you should cherish forever. 

Intellectually unique

Traceable and sustainable organic wool throwProtected under a form of intellectual property rights, geographical indication (e.g. GI no. 174), we bring you crafts that are only found in the unique geographies of India.

For example, so unique is a Kachchh Shawl that it is protected under GI174. Its uniqueness comes from its geographical origin - the region of Kachchh, Gujarat, India. The motifs woven into the fabric, the pattern, fiber (organic black cotton and sheep wool) and above all, the skill set of weaving such fine fabric from a carpet weaving technique, are all uniquely found only in this region. Kachchh Shawl is the proud recipient of a Geographical Indication (GI) designation by the government of India to distinguish it as an authentically Kuchchh product.


Traditionally worn by the pastoralists of Gujarat, the Kachchh Shawl features heritage motifs inspired from their nomadic life. These were handwoven for them by weavers in Bhuj, Gujarat.


traceable with series number
Our products' origin, makers, care instructions and other details can be traced by searching their series no. on this website.


The All India Co. is proud of its weaver partners for producing inherently sustainable goods. This collection is hand woven on a loom only with 100% pure wool obtained from local sheep and goat (not lambs and kids). Pretty simple. Since these were originally intended for local pastoralists, their durability, warmth and ruggedness make them perfectly suitable for everyday use and will still last a long time. No chemicals/synthetics are used in the entire process, preserving the local ecosystem.