Power Pashmina - Moss Green
Power Pashmina - Moss Green
Power Pashmina - Moss Green
Power Pashmina - Moss Green
Power Pashmina - Moss Green

Power Pashmina - Moss Green

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Kashmir is the northern most province of India. Along with being a point of contention between two countries and counted as one of the most beautiful places on Earth, it is home to Pashmina, a breed of goat found in these mountainous terrains. These woollies stay warm in temperatures that can go down to -40 degree Celsius, thanks to their highly insulating coat - Pashmina wool. The decadent softness of the wool is owing to the incredible fineness of the fibre, which allows for some of the most luxurious textiles to be woven with high thread counts.

This is a pure pashmina stole made in Kashmir, India. A diamond weave pattern gives it just enough detail so that the focus stays on the quality of the fiber.

The wool is combed off by hand, not sheared, to maintain the natural fiber length. Woven on a powerloom, these are larger and more affordable than their handloom counterparts. Their sales help us build strong artisan communities that provide reliable employment to otherwise suffering farmers given the unpredictable weather conditions and lack of other means of income.


  • 100% pure Pashmina
  • 80” x 40”
  • Moss green
  • Pashmina fiber combed off goats by hand
  • Woven on a powerloom


Series no: 2002


  • 2 to 4 weeks from the date of order
  • These power Pashminas come in a protector bag with a handwritten authentic postcard and a premium quality reusable canvas carry bag. Makes for a perfect gift!


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Series No 2002: Pashmina Stoles going up on store today! GI: Kashmir Pashminas GI application no: 46 Type: Handicraft State: Kashmir Country: India These powerloom stoles are made of 100% pure pashmina fibre combed by hand by Kashmiri artisans. Their texture and feel is different from their handwoven counterparts, also available on TAIC, but are larger than the handwoven stoles available with us. Since they are woven on a powerloom they are more affordable. Their sales help us build artisan communities that create reliable employment in rural areas for farmers and continue inherently sustainable crafts. #geographicalindictors #GIs #whomadeit #worldsregionalspecialties #naturalisbetter #themerchantofindia #seriesno2002 #pashmina #crafts #gifts #unique #stoles #sustainable #positive #impact

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