The Pastoralist
The Pastoralist
The Pastoralist
The Pastoralist

The Pastoralist

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Traditionally, woven for the local pastoralists or shepherds - longstanding patrons of Gujarat's weaving community - Kachchh shawls are woven with wool obtained from the pastoralists' goats and sheep or with locally grown cotton (kala or black cotton). The interdependence between the weavers, pastoralists and farmers made their respective trades, not just financially, but also socially and environmentally sustainable. 

The wool or cotton fiber was once spun into yarn by hand on a spinning wheel. This socially empowering craft, now replaced with faster and cheaper textile mills, has died a slow death. Hand-spun yarn is, therefore, quite difficult to source.

Hand spun yarn

Series no.1001 includes six especially commissioned shawls from one such family of highly-skilled Bhuj weavers who still weave authentic Kachchh Shawls. Woven with hand-spun yarn sourced especially for this capsule collection, these rugged multipurpose pieces of textile are durable enough to weather the deserts of Rajasthan. Be careful, it might quickly replace your favourite throw.

Use as a stole, a throw, or a picnic blanket. The beautiful heritage patterns of Kachchh's weaving community and the durability of this hand loom textile makes it a favourite across generations and genders.

No two Pastoralists are alike. What you receive will differ from the photos, depending on the natural shades of wool available to the weaver and how he decides to weave it together. Rest assured, every Pastoralist will improve with use, becoming softer and fluffier. Please see Series No 1001 for care instructions.


- 90" x 40"

- 17 hours of weaving time on a hand loom by master weaver

- Making of this piece took 3 artisans (preparing the hank, dying and weaving)

- features hand spun yarn

- 100% pure wool 

- comes with a FREE reusable premium quality canvas bag (CAD25 value)

Designed and handwoven in collaboration with artisan partners in Gujarat, India


Series No: 1001 

Collection No 100


  • 3 to 6 weeks from date of order

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