Our Story


The All India Company (TAIC) is a social enterprise focused on building sustainable artisan communities that generate non-farm employment in remote, rural parts of India, and preserve a crucial cultural marker.

We seek out master artisans and co-create urban functional goods with them. While we bring urban tastes, preferences and needs to the table, our master artisan partners reach deep into their toolkit of experience, traditional knowledge and time-tested skills to collaboratively handcraft high quality, durable goods for eclectic homes around the world.

The legendary craftsmanship of vintage India and the simplicity of rural India is our undying source of inspiration. Our products and pricing, therefore, are based on a bottoms-up approach; they are led by crafts and craftspeople. 

We start with crafts dating back to centuries ago, once reserved for a discerning few in the society, and continue to be the choice of experienced designers and trusted brands around the world. These historically significant crafts dictate our product lines. 

We then ask our master artisan partners to develop these lines with us. They determine the base cost of developing samples and full SKUs. This forms the basis for our final price. Our e-store helps us keep our final prices fair and deliver on our promise of affordable luxury.

Our principles

We are driven by our unwavering commitment to positively impact people and the planet.



Skill development and employment goes a long way in sustaining families in remote parts of the world. Here is our commitment to improving people's lives:

Artisans - provide market access, design intervention, and quality guidelines to enable artisans to earn a reliable living practicing their crafts

Farmers - provide reliable, non-farm employment to women farmers enabling them to support their families 

Customers - bring awareness about the positive impact their purchase decisions have on the people who create their goods


What is good for the hive, is good for the bees. Nobody knows this better than experienced master artisans and, of course, beekeepers. Here is our commitment to preserving our planet:


Natural materials: use natural material and dyes that do not pollute the environment

No endangered materials: 
only use natural materials found abundantly, or are a byproduct/waste, or can be easily replenished in the ecosystem

We are excited to bring you handcrafted goods for your home that improve our world, one craft at a time.

TAIC and artisan partners